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Call Before Showing - A Real Estate Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Ever wondered what it feels like when you go viral and  the whole world suddenly knows your name? Join us as we chat with the vibrant and fun Natalie Mccaslin, but you may know her as @GrandmaNat, the TikTok-dancing REALTOR. Natalie also shares her journey to sobriety with us and how becoming sober led her to a career...

Sep 6, 2023

It happens to every agent at some point in their career - A friend or loved one announces on social media that they bought a house..and you had no idea. Cue freak out, sadness, possibly anger, and questioning why you even became a real estate agent in the first place.

How do you get over when a loved one or a past...

Jun 28, 2023

It's time for a mid-year check in on your life and your business..What's working? What's not? What can we adjust as we move through the rest of the year? On this episode, Alex, Christine, and Alison talk about all of these things, plus some fun side tangents.

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Jun 14, 2023

The truth about Tom Ferry it worth it? On Today's episode, Christine talks about her experience with Tom Ferry Coaching.

Is it worth it for her? What big changes have been made in her business and mindset? Does she get any referrals from it? Tune in to find out!

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May 31, 2023

Have you ever gone on a non-relaxing vacation as a REALTOR? Odds are you have. We probably ALL have! With proper preparation and communication, you CAN go out of town with the peace of mind that your clients and leads are being taken care of..and maybe leave your phone in your car as you tube down a river. Ya'll, it...