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Call Before Showing - A Real Estate Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

In this episode, we sit down with Chelsea Petersen, the Founder and CEO of Modern Agent Social Club, a game-changing marketing membership tailored exclusively for real estate agents. Chelsea brings a wealth of knowledge and a refreshingly authentic perspective to the world of real estate marketing.

Our conversation kicks off with a deep dive into the art of showing up authentically in your marketing efforts. Chelsea shares invaluable insights on how real estate agents can connect with their audience on a personal level while staying true to themselves. From storytelling to leveraging your unique personality, she uncovers the secrets to building trust and standing out in a competitive market.

Building and nurturing an email list is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy, and Chelsea Peterson is here to guide us through it. Discover practical tips and strategies for growing your email list, converting leads into loyal clients, and maintaining a healthy engagement rate.

Beyond the world of real estate, we have a fun conversation about movies and TV shows. Find out what Chelsea's favorite comfort show is (hint: it involves a group of Friends).

Don't miss this episode packed with actionable marketing advice, genuine insights, and a touch of pop culture fun. Join us in getting to know Chelsea Peterson and leveling up your real estate marketing game!